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Welcome to Misskelley Builders, where expertise and passion converge in residential construction. With over three decades of experience and a proud legacy of master builders, we excel in large-scale projects and exquisite custom homes. As certified experts in sustainable building practices, we prioritize creating homes that are healthy, comfortable, and resource-efficient. Trust Misskelley Builders to bring your dream home to life with meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering commitment to excellence.


Sean Misskelley

Sean has 32 years of experience in residential construction and is the third generation of master builders in his family. He has been around construction since he was old enough to pick up a hammer, and building homes has been his passion ever since.

Beginning in 1990, Sean managed large, multi-family projects and worked his way through the ranks of construction management, overseeing the construction of over 2,000 multi-family units. Then, in the late 1990s, Sean transitioned into custom homes and found his true passion!

Playing a key role in the construction of some of the finest properties in Silicon Valley, Sean has established a reputation of excellence in custom home construction—working diligently to optimize value for his clients with a strong focus on results.

Sean has collaborated with Sunset Magazine, building five Sunset Idea Homes in Menlo Park and Palo Alto. When Sunset needed improvements to their headquarters, Sean was the guy they called.

Additionally, Sean is a certified Passive House Consultant with Passive House Institute U.S. and is recognized as a Green Building Professional with Build It Green. He has built over twenty LEED Platinum homes, and five homes certified to the European Passive House standards, in addition to multiple Net Zero energy homes.

Sean is a top-performing construction management professional, working with clients from concept to completion, with an unwavering commitment to building healthy, comfortable, and resource-efficient homes.

Outside of work, Sean is an avid gardener, enjoys live music, and loves boating and adventuring with his family and friends.

Pre construction

“Measure twice, cut once.”

Building or remodeling a home is a complex enterprise. As with all projects, the probability of successful outcomes is correlated with the quality of planning efforts. Pre-construction is the initial phase of a construction project during which the project’s scope, cost, and schedule are laid out for the construction team and the owner. We bring decades of experience to the pre-construction process and can assist with:

  • Defining the scope of the project
  • Assessing project feasibility based on design, budget, or time constraints
  • Assembling the project team
  • Establishing and managing the design timeline
  • Developing the project budget and projecting cashflow requirements
  • Suggesting value engineering ideas and cost optimization strategies
  • Obtaining entitlements and permitting


Quality. Cost. Time.

These are the three overarching constraints of any construction project. Most builders will tell you that it’s only possible to successfully prioritize two of these three factors. We don’t agree! Our talented and experienced team provides a thoroughly vetted budget with a realistically fast-paced schedule, all while delivering outstanding service and build quality. We commit to our clients that, on every project, we will:

  • Bolster your project’s leadership and management by staffing the job with our expert team members
  • Upend the typically wasteful construction process by deploying sustainable building practices and offering you advice on environmentally friendly equipment and materials
  • Inform you with timely and complete information about your project through our fully transparent process
  • Lead you through complex decision making processes that are part and parcel to any construction project
  • Deliver a one-of-a-kind masterpiece home that you’ll never stop enjoying

Post construction

Homes today are more sophisticated than they’ve ever been, with myriad systems requiring regular maintenance and tuning to maintain peak performance. We want your home to continue to look great and function as-designed long after our construction crews leave. To achieve this, we outline a tailored post-construction maintenance program and provide the qualified resources and oversight to carry out the tasks therein.




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